About Tahoe Seating

Tahoe Seating, a subsidiary of the Vintage Leather Furniture Manufacturing, has over 25 years of high-end furniture manufacturing experience and knowledge. Anyone can make a sofa these days and the majority come overseas by the carton. This is not who we are and where our experience lies. Our mission is to create seating that will last you a lifetime.

Humidity and heat are elements we have to face as the manufacturer. Heat and humidity expand, shrink and dry out cheaper plywood and particleboard, which jeopardizes the structural integrity of the frame over time. When others have compromised, and lowered, their manufacturing cost, we have maintained our high standards of our raw commodities. If anything, we have raised our standards to higher grades of finished plywood’s and kiln-dried hardwoods. Tahoe Seating can never compromise its construction, as we never know where the next order is going to come from.

Our leathers come from the premiere tanneries around the world. In the past few years, China purchased massive quantities of leather for their carton programs. Typically, they generate higher yields per hide by creating split leathers, where they actually split and shave the hide in half prior to tanning. This process allows them to drive the price down, further giving retailers a lower landed cost. All of Tahoe Seating hides are 100% top grain quality leathers where we see; insect bites, brands, kiss marks and urine burns. These traits are the signs of a superior grade of leather. These natural characteristics of Top Grain leather are removed, thus reducing our yield per hide. We realize your seating is an investment; the hallmark of your home, and every seat goes out the door personally inspected by the owner of the company.