Tahoe Seating Policy of Acceptance

Order Disclaimer

All leathers and especially hair-on cowhides are natural products that will vary in color, grain and hand from either the website color sample and actual sample. Full grain leathers and hair-on cowhides will display the distinctive original markings that attribute personality to the uniqueness of each piece of furniture. Color variations are characteristics of natural leathers and demonstrate their authenticity. Please also be advised that natural hair-on cowhides and exotic hides like Axis Deer and Springbok Gazelle have a natural tendency to shed. Due to this tendency, our hair on hide policy is as follows:

Natural hair on bovine hides shed and will vary in color, as well as in pattern. Anticipate variations in every piece and background colors will vary from hide to hide. Axis Deer and Springbok Gazelle Hair on Hides especially shed more than bovine. Hairs on hide pieces are one-of-kind and should be shown special care and will not hold up to the normal everyday usage of leather. Hair on hide pieces should be viewed as an accent piece only. Bovine hair on hides warrants for 1 year and Axis Deer and Springbok Gazelle hair on hide warrants for 6 months. Please educate yourself at our leather and hides portion of the website on leather usage. Leather education is your responsibility.

Delivery Information

All of our furniture is handcrafted in Dallas, Texas using a just in time method to manufacture. Therefore, we do not stock furniture in our warehouse nor do we stock large inventories of leather. We do work with suppliers who strongly support our just in time methods with weekly if not daily deliveries. Leather is the largest constrictor of our production. However, providing our leather availabilities from the leather distributors and tanneries, delivery time is approximately 4 weeks but can run as long as 8 weeks depending on level of customization, leather availability (distributor and tannery stock and lead time, and US Customs) and required mechanisms.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

We order leather, cowhides and exotic hides from our leather distributors and tanneries the same day that payment is received and cleared. It takes several days for credit cards and checks to clear. Therefore, our policy is 100% refund will be granted if orders are cancelled within 72 hours from the time placed. 75% refund will be granted from day four from the time place. Please realize that our leather distributors and tanneries charge a heavy re-stocking fee. On day five and once your leather has been cut for your order, we cannot grant a refund. Refunds will be given only in case of incorrect styles, configurations, color (excludes leather variation see above disclaimer), leather and pattern placement.

Furniture Shipping Services

Old Dominion Freight Line or Other selected common carrier: All product is shipped FOB: Lewisville, TX, meaning it becomes your responsibility after it leaves our dock. If you would like to use an alternative carrier, this is your right. However if damages are made by Old Dominion, we will facilitate damage claims and help handle them. Via Old Dominion, when your finished order is complete, we will ship your furniture directly to you from the factory. This is a curbside delivery service, meaning you are responsible for moving the items from the truck to the house. The driver will not help move the furniture inside the home because they are not bonded/insured to do so. If you require a white glove service, we can arrange this type of service for you however be prepared to add 2-3 weeks of additional time to your order. This service is extremely slow and on the steep side of shipping. However, the white glove service personnel are bonded/insured to enter your home/apartment. Please contact for quotation.

Furniture Shipping Services outside the U.S and Canada

At this time we do not ship internationally, except if the international customer has a U.S. freight broker who can act as the exporter and handle customs. If you have questions about international orders, please call us.

Furniture - Will It Even Fit?

First, please be aware that handcrafted furniture may vary slightly in size from our projected size on our website. For several reasons ranging for foam, covering material, to customization, please allow at least a minimum 2-3 leeway. If you need to be under a specific measurement, please tell us at the time of the order. Next, please be sure to measure all of the doorways that the furniture must go through. The ideal door size is the standard 36" or larger. If you have a question as to whether or not the furniture will fit through your doorway, please contact us. Due to the way or furniture is manufactured, we have do have the option available to us to ship furniture without arms. This will require some assembly however we can explain the process prior to shipment. For a small fee (paid directly to the furniture technician), we can also prearrange a furniture technician to come out and complete final assembly if necessary. We use a network of furniture technicians throughout the United States

Freight Damage

All furniture must be inspected prior to signing the bill of lading. The delivery driver is required to wait for you to complete your inspection. Any damages must be pointed out to the driver, and noted on the freight bill. This is very important! If damage is significant, we may instruct you to refuse the shipment. Any internal damages to the furniture or any other small item shipped must be reported to us within 10 days of receipt. In the event of damage or a defect in an item, we can get a furniture technician to repair minor problems on the

Programming Disclaimer

Merchandise prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Typographic, photographic, and/or descriptive errors are subject to correction.