Tahoe Seating Warranty

Warranty Summary: Included with each piece of furniture purchased from Tahoe Seating you are eligible to activate a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Acceptance of your furniture condition and warranty activation is required. If you do not contact your seating dealer or Tahoe Seating within 48 hours of furniture delivery, acceptance of furniture is assumed. If you do not register the warranty within 30 calendar days following your purchase date, you may not be eligible for the Limited Lifetime Warranty. Initiation of any claim may require you to submit proof-of-purchase. The Limited Lifetime Warranty is non-transferable.

Expectation: Just as with any piece of furniture, the cushions and covering will change and wear over time. Please help us keep our costs low by trying hard to differentiate normal wear and tear from an actual defect. You should expect your cushions to get softer over time. You should also expect the leather to stretch in the seat and back areas. This is normal wear.

Frame: Tahoe Seating warrants the frame of any defect in material and workmanship for the life of the furniture.

Foam: Tahoe Seating warrants seat cushion foam for three (3) years, against any defect in material.

Poly Fiber: Tahoe Seating warrants poly fiber of any defect in material and workmanship for 1 year.

Suspension System: Tahoe Seating warrants the seat suspension for life against tearing or separating from the frame deck under normal usage.

Breathing Cloth and Velcro: All velcro and breather cloth is warranted for five (5) years.

Stitching: All stitching is warranted for five (5) years against defects in materials, workmanship, tearing or separating from the leather or fabric under normal usage.

Metal Mechanisms: Tahoe Seating warrants any and all mechanisms for one (1) year.

Leather, Hair on Hide & Upholstery: Tahoe Seating warrants leather upholstery for five (5) years against splitting and natural scars from opening. During the first (1) year from the date of delivery, Tahoe Seating will warrant against cracking, peeling, or premature fading under normal usage. Leather is a natural product. This warranty does not include coverage for wrinkling, placement of natural marks, stretching, variation in color, grain, texture or improper cleaning or care of leather. This warranty does not cover burns, cuts, pet damage, spills, ink, markers, paint, body oils or body fluids. Leather does require proper care to ensure the long life. Use only product developed specifically for upholstery leather. Any product not specially formulated for leather, applied to the leather, may void leather warranty. Hair on Hide Policy: Natural Hair on Hide bovine hide sheds and vary in color, as well as in pattern. Anticipate variations in every piece and background colors will vary from hide to hide. Axis Deer Hair on Hides especially shed more than bovine. Hair on Hide pieces are one-of-kind and should be shown special care and will not hold up to the normal everyday usage of leather. Hair on Hide pieces should be viewed as an accent piece only. Bovine Hair on Hides warrants for 1 year and Axis Deer Hair on Hide warrants for 6 months. Educating yourself on leather usage is your responsibility.

Warranty Claims: All warranty claims must be submitted to Tahoe Seating on a Warranty Initiation Claim form. Any and all work preformed related to the issue stated in a warranty claim must be pre-approved by Tahoe Seating, or the warranty claim will be void. On all approved warranty claims received by Tahoe Seating with in the first 30 days of delivery, Tahoe Seating will pay for 100% of the fees associated with processing the claim (i.e. shipping, labor, parts, etc.). After 30 days and up to 1 year, on all approved warranty claims, Tahoe Seating will pay for labor and materials only. After 1 year Tahoe Seating will only supply replacement materials. All shipping, installation labor is the responsibility of the purchaser. Approval of a warranty claim may require a site inspection of the furniture by a Tahoe Seating representative or require the client to submit photographs of the damage. In any case where furniture is returned to the manufacturing operation for repair, and is determined to be a non-warranty claim, it will be the responsibility of the client to compensate Tahoe Seating for any shipping cost insured and to pay for all costs associated with the return of the furniture.

Extended warranties are available.